Meeting Hollókő 15th-19th May 2019. Planned program: 15th May 2019 arriving, transfer from Budapest to Hollókő, occupy the accommodation, dinner 16th May 2019 in the morning conference, getting to know each other, introducing of the settlements and local initiatives, in afternoon: Hollókő sights, Village walk - local handicraft workshops, museums, exhibition spaces, natural trails and visiting to the medieval Castle 17th May 2019 professional trip to the EU-funded settlement, Gyöngyös, which organises successful programs - Getting to know the utilization of EU funds, EU development policies in the past and present (2007-2013; 2014-2020). In the early evening: setting up and sanctification of the Ancient cross which disapperad in the second War Festive dinner in honor of the event. 18th May 2019 Participating in Hollókő Piknik event: showing of the local products and gastronomic specialties Free programs In the evening intercultural dinner in yard of Csalogato Dancehouse, with Spannish, Italian, Portugal, Slovakian, Transylvanian stands 19th May2019. After breakfast transfer to Budapest, travelling home Accommodation: Hollókő The official language of this event is English. MUNICIPALITY COUNTRY PARTICIPANTS AYUNTAMIENTO Curtis Spain 6 BÁTKA Municipality Slovakia 6 SAINT VINCENT-VALLE D´AOSTA Italy 6 SICLOD MUNICIPALITY Transylvania 6 KALONDA Municipality Slovakia 6